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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Do Australians who Travel Abroad Live up to Their Stereotypes? Travel has an interesting report on what the rest of the world thinks of Australians who travel abroad. They have compiled a list of common Australian stereotypes including that Australians are:
  • Dumb 
  • Fat, loud and drunk
  • Racist
  • The world's worst tippers
  • Easy-going and don't complain
  • The world's greatest travellers
I would personally like to add one to the list:
Australians are the worst dressed travellers.

When heading back home to Australia from America, Europe or Asia, it is always easy to tell in the airport which are the Australians returning back home. They will be wearing thongs and board shorts for the guys and ugg boots and trackies for the girls. Why can't we wear blazers and comfortable chinos like the European men do? I understand it is a comfort issue, but come on, you left the beach four hours ago!

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