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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tips for the Best Brunch in NYC

EaterNY has a list of 15 hot new brunch spots in New York. Restaurants listed include Acme, and The Cannibal in Manhattan and The Good Fork in Brooklyn amongst others.

Some of my all time favourite brunch spots include the celebrity and model filled Cafe Mogador in the East Village, the bustling Peels on Bowery and the intimate 'ino in the West Village. Below are photos of the brunch dishes I tried at each location.

Cafe Mogador




  1. Hello, the link you provided has been a great help! Supplying the restaurants that you thought were great, as well as their addresses, is a good idea for those people who haven’t visited the City. Finding your blog is a great help to those who are trying to look for a place to eat. And if I go to any of the restaurants that you’ve mentioned, I will make sure to try and see for myself why they are your favorites.

    Elnora Hartwick

  2. Oh egg! I, too, love eggs so much. It can go along with almost any type of food. One just needs a little creativity and a bit of experimentation. I'm pretty sure one can make a queue of egg recipes that are good to eat from morning until night!

    Danny Riddell

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  4. I can’t remember the name of the restaurant that we visited recently, but the food there is great. It was an Italian resto, and we certainly loved their pizza and pasta. Well, looking at the top 15 list can’t still remind me of it. I think it’s not that popular but there were a lot of customers when we arrived. Anyway, Acme is indeed a nice place and we used to hang out there when we had spare time.

    Daphne Michaels